The Power of Humility

The Power of Humility

Power is dangerous unless you have humility.

-Richard J. Daly

Today’s blog post is another version of Street to Tee because I learned this off the course and I’d like to learn how to apply it on the golf course.

Three lessons here: 

1. You never know who you are inspiring by just being your best self.

2. Humility is power

3. There is a very fine line between humility and lack of confidence

Lesson #1 You never know who you’re inspiring just by being your best self. 

I was in Santa Monica with some friends on Friday and was picking up some Cheese from Wally’s (highly recommend). The sales associate, a young lady was helping me pick out salami for my charcuterie platter. And let me tell you, I was so blown away by her passion and gratitude for cheese that I talked about her on the car ride back to San Diego. I could see her eyes light up every time mine did when I took a liking to a sample tasting. When she asked how my night was going, I could feel her genuinely care about my response, instead of making conversation to generate more sales. This is proof that you never know who you’re inspiring by just being yourself. 

Lesson #2 Humility is power.

I’d like to say that after we parted ways, I left such an impression on her that she thought about me for days after. I don’t think that’s the case, and the reality is, I think she made more of an impact in my life than I did in hers, despite not even knowing her name. 

She is powerful as f***, her humility is what spoke to me, her humility is what will make her succeed in this big-headed world, her humility is what makes me want to root for her success 100%, her humility inspires me to be humble. One day, when I have an incredible opportunity for her, I will track her down. I’ll talk to the manager to get her contact information if I have to. That’s the impact this woman left on me. 

Lesson #3 There is a very fine line between humility and lack of confidence.

While the actions may seem similar, the biggest difference between humility and lack of confidence is the intention.

Humility is having confidence in believing you can do something because of past experience, while acknowledging that there are things we don’t know out there.

“I’m confident with the things I know, but open to learning what I don’t.”

Lack of confidence is more of a self-sabotaging act, where despite your experience of success, you tear yourself down. 

“I know I’ve done this before, but I will keep thinking of every time I failed. There’s no way I can succeed at this.”

This is actually a really important lesson that can be taken to the golf course because often times we confuse confidence with false confidence, I’ll write that in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned. 

Also, for the lady who works at Wally’s, if you’re reading this, thank you for teaching me the power of humility. I will be back to find you. 

PS Cheers from Pelican Hill!

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