No such thing as Par

Don’t think outside the box! Once you say that, you’ve established that there is a box.

-Walt Disney

Would we play better or worse if par did not exist? 

Something I’ve always wondered for golf is, how would we play if there was no such thing as par. How many times have we not gone for a green in two because we thought “It’s a par 5 so its fine if I lay up.” How many times have we missed a birdie putt but thought “At least I still got a par.” Or the times when we kick ourselves for making a bogey because it’s above the ‘average’. Instead, imagine a game where all you’re given are 18 holes and a set of clubs. May the man with the lowest score win. Do we subconsciously sabotage ourselves with this invisible barrier?

We are each born with an inversion equation between the circumference of an invisible box and  human intellect. Essentially, this means that the circumference of the box decreases as your intellect increases. When we are born, we are the freest we’ll ever be, because we are also the most ignorant. We have no consciousness, no fear and no intellect. The circumference of the box is huge! We could run for miles and never run smack dab into the sliding glass door. 

As soon as we begin to develop consciousness around three years old, the circumference begins to shrinks and it’s the first time we run full force into the wall. Ouch that hurt. 

The next time when we run a mile thinking we had miles left, we slam into the wall and dislocate our shoulder.

15 years later, we’re in what feels like a glass elevator, within an arms length in every direction. We’re starting to feel clausterphobic. We’re starting to panic.

Fast forward 10 years, we’re hunched over, in what feels like a moving box, unable to stretch our limbs comfortably… we’re beginning to breathe heavily. The box has dulled out and you can no longer see sunlight. 

Suddenly, you look at the ground to see a hammer and nail. You start chipping at the box and slowly it begins to crack. You continue.

It shatters down over you and onto the floor. You stand up straight for the first time in years and stretch your limbs. You can feel the sun beaming on your face. You realize that this is freedom because you are now outside your box. There is now no such thing as par, no normal way to accomplish a task, no textbook way to reach a goal. You are given 18 holes, a set of clubs and are free to make your way to the finish line, your way. 

A golf gypsy and sock fanatic on a mission to inspire golfers and golfers to be to bring the spirit and philosophy into the game of life #teetostreet

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