Life doesn’t get any easier

Life doesn’t get any easier

Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

-Neelam Singh

I absolutely love this. Like love this with every ounce of my energy because it doesn’t take away the credit we deserve in all walks of life. Whether it’s referring to our careers, physique, personal life or golf swing, the concept is the same. I saw this quote on the side of a boxing ad and felt so strongly about it that I had to snap this picture.

Let’s take the golf swing as an example:

The golf swing is the most complicated one second whirl of movement you’ll ever experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite simple to make an awful swing. But to make one that even closely mimics the way a golf swing is designed to swing is incredibly difficult. To make one that produces a square face and allows the ball to travel a reasonable distance is not a walk in the park.

Pretend you are a bull rider and every time you enter the golf course, you are entering the rodeo arena. As you’ve probably guessed, the golf game is the bull and you need to survive eight seconds on its back. 

You can ask a bull rider to clarify these statements:

  1. You can’t conquer the bull, you can only ride it out
  2. Every bull is different

This means, that every time you step onto the golf course, just keep in mind that you can’t conquer the bull, you can only do your best to ride it, to stay on for 18 holes before the rodeo clown distract the bull and you run from safety. 

So the first time you hop on the bull, maybe you shoot 130 and got flung off within the first second because you didn’t understand the ball below your feet shot . The second time, you shoot 120 because you got a different windy bull and didn’t have the stinger shot in your golf bag. The third time, you shoot 100 because you didn’t realize the best golf balls for your game.  

Sooner or later, if you keep riding the bull, you’ll begin to recognize its tendencies, such as the belly roll, which you learn to maneuver after the 10th try. You’ll begin holding on for two holes, then 7, then 13, then finally 18, before releasing your grip and escaping the area. Some days you’ll still get bucked off, but the good news is that unlike actual bull riding, you’re not in physical danger. So, just keep that in mind when you begin hitting the ball straighter, begin lowering your handicap, begin riding the game piece by piece. The golf handicap bull is not getting easier to ride, you’re just getting stronger.

This concept also applies to other types of bulls; physical bulls, career bulls and life bulls in general. They never get easier to ride, you just get stronger. 

A golf gypsy and sock fanatic on a mission to inspire golfers and golfers to be to bring the spirit and philosophy into the game of life #teetostreet

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