Don’t Worry

Worrying is a double edged sword, you’ll either go through it twice or waste your energy on nothing.

-Isabelle Shee

Worrying is the perfect example of a double-edged sword.

So, like usual, I’m going to tell you about a golf experience of mine. I was golfing in Vegas for a tournament at a course I knew well. This should have been an advantage for me right?

Wrong. Because of the fact that I knew exactly where not to go. One of the most difficult holes was hole 13, where there was Out of Bounds on both sides and a water carry distance of 230 yds. I would have to hit a striped baby draw, which was not my favorite shot (My normal shot is  a baby fade).  *gulp, 

Now in hindsight, I can admit that this one shot kept me up all night. I was so jittery that I couldn’t eat breakfast. When I arrived at the golf course to warm up on the range, I would freak out over every time I hit a baby fade, imagining that drive not clearing the water on the 13th hole. Every timeI hit an undesired drive leading up to the dreaded 13th hole, my thoughts would wander back to the terrifying possibility of hitting OB or not clearing the water. My fear of this hole consumed me all the way until I came face to face with my worst nightmare, in my golf stance over my drive of the 13th hole. 

I took one shaky breath, swung and sent the ball left and Out of Bounds. I surprised my playing partners and myself with my reaction, which was to hysterically burst out laughing. My worst nightmare had happened and I was still alive. Even though it was awful, for some reason, I was able to play a decent round after that shot to shoot 78.

There was also a good possibility that I could have striped that drive on the 13th hole and wasted all that worrying for absolutely no reason.

There are two possibilities, which I’m not sure which one is worse. 

  1. Worrying about an outcome beforehand so much that you go through it twice when it does happen.
  2. Worrying about an outcome beforehand, exhausting your mental ability and it doesn’t even happen.

I’m curious with your thoughts, which is worse? 

The moral of this story is: Don’t worry, it’s like going through it twice. Or in my case, 100 times. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. If it’s not going to happen, why put energy into it?

A golf gypsy and sock fanatic on a mission to inspire golfers and golfers to be to bring the spirit and philosophy into the game of life #teetostreet

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