Cep Specs

Putt every putt as if its for triple and hit every drive as if its your mulligan.

-Isabelle Shee

Have you ever had a round where you made every 10 ft par putt but not a single birdie putt? 

Have you ever hit a crushing 290 yd drive that split the fairway after your first drive went Out of Bounds? 

Me too. Isn’t it so frustrating? Well, my fellow golfers, unfortunately that is not uncommon. I’m sure we’ve all heard the common joke, “Second guy could be on tour!” 

We already know that “golf is played on a five-inch course- the distance between your ears” (Bobby Jones) and a total mental game. But I’m gonna let you onto a little secret. Did you know that you have on permanent glasses? They’re these strange glasses called perception spectacles generally known as ‘cep specs that are very easily fogged through external and internal smoke. Whenever they’re fogged, you just can’t see clearly… the world is a much darker place, people seem to have hidden intentions and your body is on edge because you can’t clearly see around the corner. Somedays, they’re a bit more fogged and other days they are more clear. Most days, it really just depends on which side of the bed we wake up on. Some days, we wake up to our glasses being so fogged that you hate how the sun rises, you despise your significant other for no good reason and you dread the day before it even starts. 

Darn these awful glasses… It’s bad enough being controlled by humans but to be controlled by an inadament object? Absolutely pathetic.

My friends, it seems as if your glasses are fogging up again. Why don’t you hand them over so I can give them a clean?

“What Is? You just said they were permanent glasses… Would you like them along with my nose bridge?”

Let me explain… They were permanent because you didn’t know they had them on. You can’t take something off if you don’t know it’s there. So go on. Take them off, you now have the power to take off your glasses, to see the world exactly as it is, not through your ‘cep specs. 

A birdie putt is now, just another putt. Monday is just another day. An interview for your first choice job is just another interview. Wearing your least favorite golf shoes are the same as wearing your best golf shoes. A final exam to receive your law degree is just another exam. A tee shot with water on the left and OB on the right is just another tee shot. A putt to shoot your personal record is just another putt. 

One last thing. These glasses have a mysterious power. They have the power to levitate from your night stand onto your eyes at any moment throughout the day. Sometimes you’ll wake up with them already already be on. Sometimes, you’ll be having your morning coffee, reading the newspaper, eating your hearty breakfast and they’ll appear. More times than not, you’ll be living your best life, absolutely nothing to complain about and they’ll appear.

But here’s the thing, you have the power to take them off and put them right back onto the nightstand where they belong. You are in control. 

A golf gypsy and sock fanatic on a mission to inspire golfers and golfers to be to bring the spirit and philosophy into the game of life #teetostreet

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