Be. Do. Have.

There is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have.

-Esther Hicks

This is a concept that I recently heard from someone that I look up to professionally. It’s one of those phrases that has the ability to mean so much while saying so little. I’ve been pondering it for a while and how it could be applied to golf and everyday life. And I think I’ve got it! 

Let’s use the golf game as an example, because let’s face it, this is where my mind automatically goes. This concept is based on the idea that in order to accomplish a goal, there are the three consecutive actions one must achieve. Well actually, think of it like a buy 2, get 1 free deal. You get the 3rd step naturally without effort!

Let’s take the example of me setting the goal of having a scratch game.

  1. Be. Focused, disciplined, hungry, self aware and determined. I need to be the focused person who can commit to her intentions during practice without getting distracted by internal or external factors. I need to be the disciplined golfer that would make sacrifice of a more pleasured day with girlfriends to finish practice. That means I need to be the hungry golfer who uses both the adrenaline of a birdie train and the pain of a bad round as fuel to strive forward. I must be the self aware player that minimizes my flaws and capitalizes my strengths. I need to be the player that will do anything and everything it takes to become a scratch golfer. 
  2. Do. Take care of my body by eating well, minimizing alcohol and getting enough sleep. Do range work on one specific swing thought (5x per week). Practice distance control putting drills 2x week (1 hr). Make 50 3-foot putts each day (5x per week). Work on the clock method to dial in wedge distances. Play golf to transfer range work onto the course (3x per week). Constantly monitor thoughts to access mental strength (at all times). 
  3. Have. Have a good physique and stamina for golf. Have a consistent and controlled swing on the range. Always two putt. Have tremendous confidence for 3-foot putts. Have many tap in birdies due to wedge game. Be able to transfer golf swing from range to course. Have the ability to control the mind during high-pressure moments.

Wow, that’s a lot of effort just to put pen to paper. I believe that everyone has the mixing ingredients to be successful but some just begin backwards. They want the have , without being the person that is willing to do. They start with the have and then the do.

They want the scratch game without being the player who is willing to make all the sacrifices necessary to get there. I’ve noticed this mindset in all walks of life such as those who start businesses for extra income without being able to identity how they, as an individual can benefit society. There are those who are seeking a significant other without working on themselves first to attract their desired partner. 

Can I make a confession? After writing this out, I can honestly say that at this point in time, I cannot be a scratch golfer. It is unrealistic for me to make commitment to that amount of effort and dedication.

The good news is that it doesn’t mean I’m not capable. Oh, I’m more than capable if I set my mind to it. 

And so are you. We’re all on our own journey so see you on the other side.

A golf gypsy and sock fanatic on a mission to inspire golfers and golfers to be to bring the spirit and philosophy into the game of life #teetostreet

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