Action & Letting Go of Outcome

Action & Letting Go of Outcome

Letting go of outcome does not mean inaction.

-Isabelle Shee

I’ve always thought that actions, (i.e. practicing hard for a tournament) and controlling outcome (i.e. playing well in the tournament) came hand in hand. And they do, unless you actively work on it. 

When I was playing competitively, I would spend 7 hours, 7 days a week

 a day at the golf course. It consists of a solid 2 hour range session in the morning, followed with a 1.5 hour swing lesson with my coach. After that, you would find me on the practice putting green stood over 5-foot putts for 1.5 hours with a towel under my feet to avoid feet indention. I would take a hour break in the clubhouse for lunch and then head onto the course practice for 18 holes. It depended on the day, but some days, it would be a strictly playing and stats day, where I would focus on score and monitoring my stats (Fairways hit, Greens in Regulation & Putts). Other days, it would be a drilling of a certain technique and lie, such as 30 yd pitch shots, down hill lies and bunker shots. 

So with all that effort, on tournament day, of course I expected to play well right? It was only natural to have high expectations of myself and perform well. So that’s what i would do. I would go into the tournament with high pressure on myself, expecting to place Top 3, only to fall into the bottom half tier. 

This is what I have since then learned. Yes, it is completely natural, it is in our DNA animalistic nature to put in action and control the illusion of outcome, but you know what I realized? We, as humans are smart enough to go against our DNA, our brains have the power to go against the grain of our nature (pun intended). 

Here is the thought of the day: Letting go of outcome does not mean inaction.

We can put in all the necessary actions we need to be successful and let go of outcome. It’s possible, its not natural for us, but if we actively work on it, we can do it. And with those unnatural ingredients put together, things magically start to fall into place. Suddenly, you start playing better than ever, you find that perfect partner, your business begins thriving, you begin truly enjoying life.

I actively work on this, letting go of outcome while continuing action. I fall off the wagon sometimes, but I always get back on it. So the next time, you put much effort into your game and start trying to control outcome, remind yourself that its in your nature, but you’re smart enough to overcome it. 

A golf gypsy and sock fanatic on a mission to inspire golfers and golfers to be to bring the spirit and philosophy into the game of life #teetostreet

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